Home Organization

Home Organization

Written by Mary Beth Tice

I recently moved out of my two bedroom townhome apartment in Wilmington and into a two bedroom apartment in Little River with my boyfriend. I have lived on my own for ages except for a brief time when I moved back home with the folks. And I have a lot of stuff to show for it, I mean A LOT of stuff. After all, I used to rent a 3 bedroom home in Leland and had it fully decorated and the 1 car garage stocked with all my outdoor equipment, extra books and a deep freezer. But because I know I can’t fill the new place with only my stuff but the bf’s as well (and how did he move in with only like 10 boxes?), I have had to learn to part ways with things I should have parted ways with long ago and organize what is left. Granted it is a work in progress and the process sometimes takes a backseat to time spent playing video games or walking the pups, but I am slowly weeding through my stuff to rid the apartment of clutter.

One place I am learning about sharing space is the closet followed closely by the dresser and the bathroom. I am girl and I like my purses, shoes, makeup, and body washes in several different scents. I also own about 10,000 tee shirts and tank tops. Sharing one closet, half a dresser and half the bathroom space seems as foreign to me as the concept of letting someone else buy the groceries (but I am getting better). Because space is at a premium, I spent an entire morning researching YouTube for videos on how to organize tiny spaces to maximize storage space instead of tackling boxes. What I found was actually quite helpful and whether you are just moving into your new place or are trying to sell your current one, an afternoon spent organizing your pantry, closet, linen closet and that creepy cabinet under the sink will help you have peace of mind and, if you are selling, help potential buyers see all the space you forgot you even had!

These videos are some of the ones I am putting to use but if they don’t strike inspiration in you or you want to view others, take a look at the YouTube channel I snagged them from (and now subscribe to) at https://www.youtube.com/user/HomeOrganizing.

Organizing Your Closet

Organizing Your Tee Shirts

Organizing Your Linen Closet

Happy Organizing!

Posted in Home Improvement, Seller Tips on Jun 04, 2013